Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

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Welcome to the Lords Of Chaos Unofficial Fan Blog.

This page is for updates and information about the movie ‘Lords Of Chaos’ which is about the Norway Black Metal scene and the band Mayhem.

‘Lords Of Chaos’ was Directed by Jonas Akerlund who played additional drums on the Swedish band Bathory’s 1984 Demo.

Bathory is one of the bands that influenced the Norway Black Metal scene and it’s founder ‘Euronymous’ who was later murdered by their bassist Varg Vikernes from the band Burzum.

‘Lords Of Chaos’ the movie is about the early days of the Norway Black Metal scene and it’s founder Øystein Aarseth known as ‘Euronymous’ from the Black Metal band Mayhem.

The movie stars Rory Culkin, younger brother of ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin, as ‘Euronymous’ the founder of ‘True Norwegian Black Metal’.

The Norway Black Metal scene founded by ‘Euronymous’ and the band Mayhem led it’s followers into the ‘Black Circle’ who carried out roughly fifty arson attacks on churches in Norway and were responsible for several murders.

The story is about the start of the band Mayhem and the suicide of their first singer ‘Dead’ who’s suicide photo appeared on the bands bootleg live album ‘Dawn Of The Black Hearts’ and the murder of their founder ‘Euronymous’ by Burzum’s Varg Vikernes as well as the church burnings and murder carried out by the Black Metal Inner Circle.