Thu. Oct 14th, 2021

Lords Of Chaos Fan Blog

Fan Blog For The Movie 'Lords Of Chaos'

Welcome To The ‘Lords Of Chaos’ Fan Blog

Welcome to the unofficial ‘Lords Of Chaos’ Fan Blog.

This fan blog is about updates and news from the movie ‘Lords Of Chaos’ about the start of the Norway Black Metal scene, church burnings and murders.

‘Lords Of Chaos’ the movie is about the start of the Norway Black Metal Scene and the Black Metal Inner Circle who were responsible for fifty church burnings and several murders in Norway in the early 1990’s.

The story follows ‘Euronymous’ from the band ‘Mayhem’ who started the ‘True Norgwegian Black Metal’ sound also with the bands Burzum, Emperor, Dark Throne, Immortal, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir and Thorns.

The movie is about the early days of the band ‘Mayhem’ whose singer committed suicide and the photos were used as a bootleg album cover for their live album “Dawn Of The Black Hearts” and the murder of guitarist ‘Euronymous’ by Varg Vikernes from the band Burzum.

‘Euronymous’ is played by Rory Culkin brother of ‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin and directed by Jonas Akerlund who played additional drums on the Swedish band Bathory’s 1984 demo one of the main bands that influenced the Norway Black Metal Scene and ‘Euronymous’.

This page will be dealing with reviews and criticisms of the movie ‘Lords Of Chaos’ and the “controversy” from critics of the movie who claim the story was not accurate, subsequently enough most of the critics are promoting other books and materials on the story and competing with the movie with different versions of events and missing information from the film.

Also important to this fan page is the ‘behind the scenes’ from the making of the movie and as well as the all important debate of discussing what bands, heavy metal records and heavy metal t-shirts that were also in the movie.

Any videos and interviews with the cast and creators of the movie and story will be posted on the page as it comes up as well as band news and stories from the Norway Black Metal Scene and related band news and information.

This blog supports the movie version of the events but we will be reviewing other aspects of the story and posting pictures and stuff from the bands featured in the movie and any other relevant information from the actual movie. .

Visit the Main Page on this site at which is a Tribute Page to Euronymous and Mayhem from the early days of Norwegian Black Metal.